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To look at them in their latest incarnation is to see a proper gang of four:  frontman Justin Young, bassist Árni Arnason, guitarist Freddie Cowan and drummer Pete Robertson. Teenage icons – whether they like it or not.

Formed in West London in 2010, The Vaccines were selling out venues nationwide by December. Their debut ‘What Did You Expect from The Vaccines?’ propelled the band into the spotlight - going platinum by the end of the year. By the spring of 2012 the band had amassed awards, nominations, 3 NME covers, 6 straight Radio 1 A-list singles and a sold-out a run of U.K. seaside arena shows.

Their second album ‘The Vaccines Come of Age’ topped the UK album charts when it was released in September 2012. Produced by Ethan Johns, the new album, says Young, is them striving to "sound like The Vaccines…. It's quite a searching record in that sense.” It means there's a spotlight thrown on Cowan's ‘50s influenced guitars, Robertson's pounding drums and Arnason's pulsing bass lines.

Highlights include the groove-driven ‘Bad Mood’, the timeless ‘Lonely World’ and the new wave-influenced ‘Aftershave Ocean’, one of the more recent tracks that hint at where The Vaccines may head in the future.

Though they may claim not be teenage icons, The Vaccines have reset their expectations for this album. “I want to mean something to somebody,” says Young. “Quite simply, I want us to be your favourite band.”

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