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Tegan and Sara
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Tegan and Sara’s 20-year-plus career has seen them build an avid global following of fans and fellow musicians alike. Their unique ability to bridge the pop and indie worlds has allowed their music to cross all traditional boundaries of genre, from being covered by The White Stripes to collaborating with superstar DJs such as Tiesto and David Guetta.

Tegan and Sara Quin were born in Calgary, Alberta and began playing guitar and writing songs at age 15. Following the release of their first independent full-length album in 1999, they caught the attention of Neil Young’s manager, Elliot Roberts, who quickly signed them to Vapor Records, his Los Angeles-based label.

In 2002 the band released ‘If It Was You’, and its fresh sonic template and critical success in the US set up their fourth studio album, ‘So Jealous’ - which ultimately provided their global breakthrough. In 2007, the release of ‘The Con’ brought even more critical and commercial acclaim to Tegan and Sara, as well as a shift to Seymour Stein’s legendary Sire Records imprint. Tegan and Sara’s sixth album ‘Sainthood’, was released in 2009.

Their music has been featured in major network television programs including Melrose Place, 90210, Parenthood, Veronica Mars, The Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill and Girls. After selling nearly 1 million career albums, Tegan and Sara released their seventh studio album 'Heartthrob’ in 2013 to widespread critical aclaim.

In 2014 they collaborated with The Lonely Island for the theme song to 'The Lego Movie', earning them an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song. They performed live at the 87th Academy Awards in February 2015.

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