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There’s very few artists who’ve enjoyed the kind of success and influence over four decades that Paul Weller has. Even to this day he enjoys a never-ending creative peak and retains a constant critical high, continuing to push boundaries from one day to the next.

Artists like Paul Weller are well within their rights to enjoy the fruits of their labour at leisure. Paul Weller has had more 'good old days' than pretty much any other British artist of his or anyone’s generation: six era-defining albums with The Jam, five with The Style Council and ten as a solo artist. But, of course, we know Paul Weller is not like other artists. He doesn’t want to look back: that’s not his way.

In recent years Weller has released the Mercury Music Prize nominated album 'Wake Up The Nation' and been honoured in the Lifetime Achievement Category at the Ivor Novello Awards.

In 2014 Weller returned with the single 'Brand New Toy', released for Record Store Day. This was followed by a new 'best of' compilation entitled 'More Modern Classics' which features highlights from the last 15 years of Weller's solo career.

Discussing 'More Modern Classics' Weller states “This is just another few chapters of my life’s work, a journey which I would hope you would come with me on…..The music on this compilation is over 15 years but for me it feels like it could be 5 or 6 years. I’m rushing through like, I can’t slow it down. I’ll cling on tight and see where it ends up.”

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