Josh Osho

At just 20 years-old, Josh Osho has the life experiences of a person twice his age. With an intensely spiritual integrity and an undeniable commercial appeal, Osho makes classic songwriting look absolutely effortless. Yet it’s been far from an easy ride for the young singer and songwriter, which can be seen, heard and felt in his music – the beautiful lament of ‘Highlight Of My Day’, the elegiac ‘S.O.S’, the recent release hit ‘Redemption Days’ and the absolutely massive ‘Birthday’. Underpinned by one of the finest pop-soul voices to come out of the UK in years, Josh has an innate ability to impart life lessons with a profound mind and a pop sensibility. “Music gives me an opportunity to get people thinking a bit more,” he says.

Music has become a cathartic experience for Josh, a means of both expressing himself and relating to others. ‘L.I.F.E’ has the power and the potential to reach the millions, but Josh is only ultimately concerned with pleasing one person. “If I get inspired to write, there’s no way I could go to sleep. It will drag me out of bed and write itself! I’ve got really high expectations for myself. I want to finish the song and be content with it myself. I don’t care if the six billion other people in the world are happy with it. If I’m not happy with it, then it’s not good enough."

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