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Formed in 2007, twin sisters Ellie and Louise Macnamara found instant international success with their first album ‘Here, Not There’, an acoustic-only project that garnered widespread acclaim among both fans and media for its unique melodic hooks and extraordinary vocals. On the heels of the record, Heathers developed an underground following both in Ireland and the DIY scene in the United States.

Heathers released their second album ‘Kingdom’ in September 2012, with ‘Forget Me Knots’ as the first single. Both the single and album received critical acclaim from overseas markets, with ‘Forget Me Knots’ becoming a firm favourite on US radio.

In Ireland ‘Kingdom’ was nominated for the prestigious Choice Music Prize, an annual music prize awarded to the best album in the country. The Sunday Business Post called the album a “lush, captivating experience” that fans could “take home and live with for a long time.” The Irish Times agreed, stating that tracks from the album “embed themselves after just one listen.” Irish Mail on Sunday boldly declared “Heathers new album 'Kingdom' is one of the best Irish albums of the year” whilst Music Week credited the pair’s style with “burning, urgent poignancy, dual vocals and catchy harmonies”.

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