Frank Turner

Frank Turner
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UMP represent Frank Turner for the albums 'Sleep is for the Week', 'Love Ire & Song', 'Poetry of the Deed' and 'England Keep My Bones'.

2012 will see Frank Turner will take to the stage at Wembley’s vast Arena venue for the largest headline show of his life. It’s a far cry from his tentative beginnings five years ago when he took to the road as a fledgling solo artist armed only with an acoustic guitar. With a handful of catchy folk/country/punk songs and enough charm and charisma to win over any crowd, he amassed more and more fans and a fevered cult following soon formed.

Frank has slowly but surely blossomed from an underground hero to a bona fide mainstream success story. In 2010, having won the Kerrang! Spirit Of Independence Award Frank spent the rest of the year touring extensively. He started 2011 with two NME Award nominations and a run of intimate solo shows that harked back to his tentative beginnings.

In June 2011 he stormed the UK Album Charts going in at Number 12 with the release of his fourth studio album ‘England Keep My Bones’, recorded with his band The Sleeping Souls. With the acoustic guitar very much at its core, the album is more folk orientated than predecessor ‘Poetry Of The Deed’, It has spawned four singles – ‘I Still Believe’, ‘Peggy Sang The Blues’, ‘If Ever I Stray’ and ‘Wessex Boy’, and is Frank’s most successful album to date, selling over 50,000 copies worldwide by the end of 2011. It’s been a long journey but Frank’s path to total world domination continues apace. Expect great things.

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