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Jack Goldstein and his bandmates Roo Basin (guitar), Chris Dawson (guitar), Jason Warner (bass) and Michael Thompson (drums) came together in 2009, after experimenting with various sounds and incarnations.

“When I first met Roo as a teenager,” Jack reminisces, “I was playing hardcore and he was in a doom band. If you’d told me then that we’d be in this band together, five years later, and be best friends, totally musically aligned, I’d have been pretty sceptical. And now look at us.”

Leading lights of Oxford’s unprecedentedly fecund music scene, the band feel enriched by being part of a currently extremely creative hub. Yet they don’t, Jack says, identify with the concept of there being some common thread. “If there’s a musician in our town that I like,” he explains, “it’s because of the music, not where they're from.” Spend only a few minutes with them and you’ll realise that, for Fixers, it’s only ever because of the music. Talk of labels and scenes is self-defeating, Jack argues: “If you like music, just like music. It’s as simple as that.”

‘We’ll Be The Moon’ is the band’s beautiful and exhilarating debut album, recorded at London’s legendary RAK studio and released May 2012. A kaleidoscopic, psychedelic adventure from this one-of-a-kind band, it features everything from Middle Eastern melodies to Japanese pop, New York dance grooves to Beach Boys harmonies.

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