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Two years since they took shook up British guitar music and snagged a Mercury nomination for debut album ‘Man Alive’ Everything Everything – Jonathan Higgs (singer/guitarist/keyboardist), Jeremy Pritchard (bass/keyboard), Alex Robertshaw (guitar), Michael Spearman (drums) – are back. They’ve put all of themselves into their second album, and taken inspiration wherever they found it. The summer 2011 riots, as viewed from a Salford vantage point, played a part, as did the band’s frontman reading up on futurology. Different environments, whether a remote Cumbrian shed or a windy inner-city arena, fed into the process. The album was produced by David Kosten, who also produced their debut.

“The album in general we wanted to be far less uptight and less controlled-sounding than ‘Man Alive’,” says Pritchard. ‘Arc’ features ‘The House Is Dust’, a minimal, late-night, drone-ballad with a mellifluous, haunting, high-register vocal from Higgs and an extended, smoky piano fade out. And the broad church that is ‘Arc’ can also accommodate a song like ‘Radiant’ - echoey, pounding, spacious, we might call it stadium artrock.  ‘Kemosabe’, the second single from Arc, retains the digi-Timbaland groove that marked out some of their debut's best moments, but adds buzzsaw riffs and a sunshine chorus. ‘Armourland’ was inspired by last summer’s urban riots, and the crash of glass and stomp of underclass anger also fed into ‘Duet’.

“On Arc,” concludes the frontman, “it’s more a case of: this is who we are. We’re not dressing up as pirates. Here we are, in jumpers. Trying to just keep it real. In the most un-hip hop sense…”

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