Dot Rotten

More likely to dedicate a song to his Gran than a girl, Dot Rotten may represent the Normal Human Being, but he’s far from your average MC. Rotten is fast becoming the alternative MC on everybody’s tip lists. Having made the BBC Sound Poll 2012, as well as receiving nods from The Sun and The Observer, Dot has been featured in publications as diverse as i-D, RWD, the NME and Dazed.

Entirely self-taught, Dot has also made his name as a producer having created tracks for street stars Durtty Goodz, Griminal and P Money as well as Wiley and Tinie Tempah. But his focus right now is on writing.

Dot’s debut single 'Are You Not Entertained' featured brain-battering guitar with a furious BPM as a flow-flipping Rotten asserts his verbal prowess and determination to put the past behind him. His debut album ‘Voices In My Head’ was released on 6th May 2013 - a record of ambition and intent, containing the singles 'Karmageddon', 'Are You Not Entertained', 'Keep It On A Low' and 'Free'.

Everything from his wordplay, sound, style and look is different to anything and anyone else out there. “I’m for everyone,” he insists. “I’m a normal human being who grafted to get to the position in the music industry that I’m in right now. I’m just a normal guy who has things he’d like to talk to you about.” If it’s Dot doing the talking, we suggest you listen.

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