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Nottingham five-piece Dog Is Dead are a band that have built up the old-fashioned way, honing their thrillingly energetic live show across the UK.

They released their debut ‘Glockenspiel Song’ through their own label Your Childhood back in the summer of 2010. When the band played the track at Glastonbury that year the BBC loved it so much they put it on that night's BBC2 highlights, which was then followed by an invitation to appear on Skins to perform 'Glockenspiel Song'.

Fast forward to the present day, the band have signed to Atlantic Records and released singles ‘Hands Down’, ‘Two Devils’ and ‘Talk Through the Night’ that garnered key fans at Radio 1, NME and The Guardian. The band released their debut album ‘All Our Favourite Stories’ in October 2012. Highlights include 'Talk Through The Night', full of the giddy romance of friendship and chiming melody; 'Teenage Daughter', with its haunting Spaghetti Western intro, brittle, haunted verses and powerful, surging chorus and closing guitar atmospherics; and the rousingly broken-hearted 'Two Devils'. The album showcases the band’s spine-tingling harmony arrangements and knack for writing huge, modern-day indie pop anthems.

Commenting on the album, singer Rob says,“Here's a summary of 5 years of us growing up and making music together. It's inspired by the highs, the lows, every drunken night, every nose bleed, the bliss of new love and the shit that follows.”

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