Deptford Goth

UMPG represents Deptford Goth through Pure Groove Music.

After a groundswell of adoration in early 2013 for his debut album ‘Life After Defo’, Deptford Goth (aka Daniel Woolhouse) returns with ‘Songs’, his second record of intensely slow-burning gems.

Whilst ‘Life After Defo’ was more affiliated with a seamless blend of dreamy synth-pop, R&B and soul, ‘Songs’ adds an element of singer-songwriter tradition to Deptford Goth’s trademark yearning electronica.

“It wasn’t a conscious decision,” says Daniel “but I’ve become more accepting of my voice, so it’s more prominent now, which led to structuring the songs in a more classic way. I also wanted people to hear the lyrics. It’s a process of being more upfront and honest.”

With his confidence boosted, Daniel set about broadening his songwriting scope. “I wouldn’t have released a straight-up song like ‘Two Hearts’ but I’m feeling better about going with a song rather than curtailing it” Daniel states. “The album is called ‘Songs’, after all. It’s a minimal title, but quite a strong statement too… It unified things in my head, and I think it opens the door to the record.”

The mood of ‘Songs’ is still downbeat but ‘Two Hearts’ symbolises the man’s growth with lines such as, “There’s nothing like two hearts / We’ve got peace in ours.”

“‘Life After Defo’ had bits of hope hidden inside, but this one’s definitely more joyous,” Daniel agrees. “Instead of closing down, I’m opening up and feeling more at peace with myself about certain things.”

‘Songs’ was released 3rd November 2014 through 37 Adventures, a label founded by the team behind 679 Recordings.

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