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Delphic’s rise was famously instantaneous: although the band are keen to point out that they previously spent “seven years being in crap bands”, they were signed after their first gig, and ended up on Later With Jools Holland and indeed the BBC’s influential Sound Of 2010 list after putting out two singles. Their debut album ‘Acolyte’ was greeted with critical praise, landed in the Top Ten and was nominated for awards.

But the ensuing world tour rinsed the band out. “We’d been touring for two years,” says Rick Boardman. “We were just exhausted.” But even when they came back from tour, the trio were still suffering from writer’s block - “dreadful, like being impotent,” offers Rick.

Was there a time when they thought “this is it, we’re never making another album?” All three nod quietly. “Yeah.” There was, as it turned out, a simple solution to the impending demise of Delphic. All it took was two members of the band to go on holiday without the third. James explains, “I was sat at home and Good Life just sort of… came out. Rick came back, had a look at it, Matt got involved and it was just like: right, this is it, this is how we do it. We literally wrote an album in nine months”.

The resulting work is unquestionably a quantum leap forward from their debut. The new sound has instilled a bullish commitment from the three piece to challenge the current status quo of throwaway pop music, Rick sums it up best by surmising; "We get very angry about the state of popular music and we want to bloody change it. And why shouldn’t we? It’s rock and roll, isn’t it?”

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