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“I’ll tell you what I think we’ve got over other bands,” says Courteeners frontman and lyricist Liam Fray, “we didn’t meet at university and we didn’t answer an advert in the NME. We’ve been friends since we were 10 years old and we’re still friends now. We’re still really close knit.”

It’s six years since Liam and his friends - drummer Michael Campbell, guitarist Daniel Moores and bass-player Mark Cuppello - formed the band in Manchester. Picked up on almost immediately thanks to their blend of brilliantly sharp song-writing and (particularly Liam’s) outspoken interview technique, Courteeners have gone from hometown heroes to potential world-beaters over the course of just two albums. Which makes their third, titled ‘Anna’, an incredibly important moment. For Courteeners, right here is the place and right now is the time.

“I realised that our first LP was very raw and ready,” Liam says, “while the second one had those big, slow numbers. For this one I felt we had to go back to that rawness, but with an electronic edge.”
Courteeners spent a year back in their hometown, at Manchester’s Hertz Studios. Under no deadlines and feeling no outside pressure they spent as much time as they wanted perfecting every moment on ‘Anna’.  It is undoubtedly a big step on from anything they’ve ever done before. “Anna is a new chapter sonically for Courteeners” Liam continues. “Our music, like our minds, has evolved and expanded. We have re-arrived. Welcome to the rave”.

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