Conor Maynard

Conor Maynard
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The arrival of Conor Maynard is long overdue. For years, we’ve awaited a British solo male singer who was young but not tween, a star that boasted big, massive hits, but was no insipid pop puppet. Someone funny and outgoing, articulate and intelligent, but no stranger to entertaining and engaging his audience. 

Step forward Conor Maynard, the charismatic and charming bright star who effortlessly encompasses credible-cool and commercial appeal with his forward-thinking, futuristic, super-sharp urban-pop. Already boasting a smash-hit debut single in the form of ‘Can’t Say No’, his album 'Contrast' establishes him as one of pop music’s most exciting propositions.

While careless comparison could be made to other teenage YouTube sensations, Conor’s distinctive musical merit is irrefutable on his incomparable debut album ‘Contrast’. Rather than retreading the over-played euro-dance route, ‘Contrast’ is an album that refuses to be stifled by genre, proposing innovative R&B, dramatic hip-hop soundscapes and stadium-scaling pop anthems, whilst retaining a cohesiveness that is inventive, playful and unusually arresting. 

Co-written and produced by Conor with the likes of Pharrell Williams, Ne-Yo, Midi Mafia, Stargate and Frank Ocean, ’Contrast’ managed to appeal to a global consciousness while retaining a distinctly British sensibility, courtesy in part to UK producers the Invisible Men, the trio behind hits for Jessie J (Do It Like A Dude) and DJ Fresh (Hot Right Now). 

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