Bulliion has come a long way since his 'Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee' became a viral sensation on the internet within days of its release back in 2008. He's since gone on to release 'Get Familiar' - a gritty, bass heavy dancefloor anthem, released on One-Handed Music. More followed on the same label to critical acclaim, the best known of which is an EP of contemporary love songs called 'Young Heartache'. 

On his last for OHM, 'Say Goodbye To What', it seemed as though he was loosening the assemblage points of his music, transposing sampled voices into new contexts, and creating a kind of modern, psychedelic cut'n'paste. His next effort, 'You Drive Me To Plastic', was a beautifully sewn together 21 minute piece of music consisting of 9 tracks drawing from leftfield disco, krautrock, exotica, Afro and inspired 70’s electronics that he preferred to call a non-LP. It was released by Young Turks Records in 2011. 

Recently Bullion released a two track single on R&S Records, replacing what would previously have been samples with his own vocals and instruments played by both himself and some friends. 'Say Arr Ee' and ‘What Does She Know' continue to show Bullion as a music lover of many styles who can identify and combine those elements with an air of sympathetic range and still have a sense of clarity and cohesion.

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