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Bastille began as an alternative identity for Dan Smith - a vehicle for his numerous ideas - and has grown over time into a four-piece live outfit involving bassist Will Farquarson, keyboard player Kyle Simmons, and drummer Chris 'Woody' Wood.

Dan put the first Bastille songs online in autumn 2010, but it was at the start of 2011 when he uploaded a video for his song ‘Flaws’ cut together with footage from Terence Mallick’s ‘Badlands’ that he noticed a real reaction. It garnered over 250,000 views on Youtube and, more to Dan’s surprise, has been treated to scores of covers by performers around the world.

Bastille's debut album 'Bad Blood' was released March 2013. Dan's aim with the album was to “approach each song differently. I wanted each to be its own story with its own atmosphere." This storytelling element is a quality reflected in the film-like narrative videos that have accompanied previous singles - such as ‘Laura Palmer’ which uses the story of Twin Peaks' mysterious murder victim, or the No. 2 single ‘Pompeii’, a tale of two lovers frozen in time.

“I just somehow landed in a really lucky position where I’m able to bring together all these things that interest me” says Dan. “To play to one and a half thousand people at KOKO was undeniably completely nuts. It was an amazing night for us. But the goalposts always seem to change and widen. There’s always the next thing to think about…”

Bastille picked up the 'British Breakthrough Act' award at the Brit Awards in 2014. The band's anticipated second LP 'Wild World' is due for release 9th September 2016. 

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