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Since starting life as underground producers and party promoters in 1995, putting out their first tracks on shrink wrapped vinyl and throwing hush-hush raves in abandoned South London pizza joints, Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton, collectively known as Basement Jaxx, have taken the sound of London SW9 to the world. With album sales of more than 3 million under their belt including their legendary debut album ‘Remedy’ and 2005’s double platinum UK number one collection ‘The Singles’, Basement Jaxx have developed into a remarkable live act – an all out sensory assault featuring live musicians, an army of singers and dazzling visuals.

2005 saw them collect their first Grammy for ‘Best Electronic Album’ to add to the two Brits and numerous other awards already on the shelf.

2006 saw the first Jaxx UK arena tour, selling over 55,000 tickets across the UK in support of the album ‘Crazy Itch Radio’. ‘Scars’, the fifth Basement Jaxx album, was released on XL Recordings in September 2009 and the band rounded off a year of frantic touring showcasing the record with a triumphant homecoming show at a sold out O2 Arena in London.

In 2011 the Jaxx pursued some more unusual projects, including a unique album collaboration with the Netherlands' Metropole Orkest which had its UK live debut at the Barbican in London in June, and the first Basement Jaxx movie score, for Joe Cornish’s ‘Attack The Block’. In 2012 Simon and Felix are putting the finishing touches to a movie score for ‘The Hooping Life’, building a new studio in London, and working on material for an album to be released in Autumn 2012.

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