Alex Clare

Alex Clare is just the sort of musician you’re glad is still being made in the country’s basements, backrooms and bedrooms. Born and bred in South East London, as a child Alex toyed with the trumpet before taking up the drums to help him get rid of all his nervous energy. After leaving school he trained to be a chef while still playing and teaching himself piano and guitar.

His debut album ‘Lateness of the Hour’ was released in July 2011, produced by Switch and Diplo. ‘So Relax My Beloved’ grows from a minimalistic shudder into a great, growling monster of a tune. ‘Whispering’ is a reverb-heavy acoustic lament with a huge melancholic drive behind it. ‘Won’t Let You Down’ is a gorgeous, piano-led gem that could have slipped off the first Tom Waits album. The explosive west-coast punk-rock thrasher ‘Up All Night (“It’s about going on a bender!”) pitches Clare’s songwriting skills up against very 21st century grimy drums and thick waves of bass, while ‘Too Close’ has a speaker-wrecking, wump-wump, dubstep bassline and is a hair-raising rave-anthem

Alex says that, ultimately, music is about space and time. “All you need in a song is the bass, the kick and the snare. The rest is just commentary.” He laughs, thinking back to when he was training to be a chef. An old master baker turned to him one day and said, “You can bake a beautiful cake, but the more you put on it the uglier it’ll get….”

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